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Shot Composition and Rule of Thirds

Shot Composition and Rule of Thirds

Shot composition will either make your video look professional or amateur.  Most people compose a picture or a video with five feet of head room and center the shots.  With all due respect,  this drives me nuts.

Probably 90% of the people that take our picture when we’re on vacation don’t have a clue of how to frame a shot. I gave up long ago and bring a little desk top tripod and do it myself.

First of all “Fill the Frame.”  Keep your subject the main focus of the shot.  Move the camera closer rather than use the zoom.  Don’t center the shot, shoot at an angle.   Angles creates depth and depth creates interest rather than the same old boring stuff.

Rule of Thirds is a technique that has been used for years by pros.  Draw a mental grid around your subject like my picture of one of my favorite actors, Clint Eastwood.  Notice, he’s not centered, the shots at a slight angle, and the frame is open on the right side, the direction he’s looking.

Notice the tic-tac-toe grid and how his face is positioned in it.  Rule of Thirds applies to still, videos, and any kind of shot.  Whether close, medium close, long shot, establishing shot, the thirds rule.

These are just a few of the tips I share in my book,  Viral Video Ideas Follow a few of these tips and your videos will rise above the average stuff out their in cyber-land.  If you get good at composition maybe I’ll let you take our picture! Happy shooting.  Mark

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