No Pain Your Gain: The Power is in Your Hands

No Pain Your Gain: The Power is in Your Hands

I was presented a unique opportunity to develop a marketing campaign for an amazing company called Avazzia and their life-changing pain elimination device.  That’s right, it literally “zaps” pain.  The devices interface with our body’s Central Nervous System through an advanced form of electrical stimulation.

I wanted to give our subscribers a chance to review our benefit driven campaign and post this video in our showcase section of the website and what the heck, a shameless plug for Avazzia.

Did you know that specific electrical signals and frequencies can communicate through the CNS and  support the body’s natural healing response?

It’s a rush!  You have to experience it to understand how it feels.  Treating back pain and relief for neck pain alone is a multi-billion dollar industry so our objective is to help people with pain get their hands on this technology.

Our objective is to help Avazzia boost awareness of this acute pain management technology in keeping with the founders vision to put this device in the hands of millions of people.  Our campaign is people focused more than technology focused although this palm sized, space age micro-computer is unquestionably unique.  It kind of reminds me of a smaller tricorder device from Star Trek!

We demonstrate the simplicity and yes, even with a $1000 price tag (before insurance), the “affordability” of using this technology.  Living a pain free life without dangerous drugs is worth it’s weight in gold.  We ask the question; “What would your life be like without pain?”

A technology of this caliber is only available through physiotherapist and is currently being used by professional sports teams and health professionals all over the world.    But with Avazzia’s palm size devices, the “Power is in Your Hands…”

Here are some of our benefit statements about this product:

-What if you could eliminate your pain without drugs?

-What could you learn from Pro Sports teams in football, basketball, baseball and hockey about stopping pain?

-What do progressive, knowledgeable medical professionals know about pain elimination and how would you like to have access to the same technology?

-What if you could use this same affordable medical technology in your home for all of your family’s pain needs?

-What if that technology was a 21st century space age micro-computer technology that has been cleared by the FDA and is covered by most insurance companies, Medicare and Workers’ Compensation?

We know that pain is huge problem with millions of people, so we think there’s a pretty good chance that having an affordable FDA cleared medical device in the home is a benefit.

Please take a moment and watch our promo video and let us know what you think about our campaign.  With all the hype and gimmicks out there relating to pain management, Avazzia has hit a home-run with a genuine device that will provide pain relief for years to come.

As always, your comments are appreciated.  Remember, the power is in your hands.   Thanks for participating, Mark

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4 Responses to “No Pain Your Gain: The Power is in Your Hands”

  1. Jon Says:

    Awesome prospect for healing technologies, love to see more!

  2. Ray Gebauer Says:

    Fantastic video. There certainly is a real need for help with pain. However a person could get the same and superior results of pain elimination at a tiny fraction of the cost by simply raising the levels of cellular glutathione by using Dr. Keller’s technology (


  3. Mark Says:

    no doubt there’s benefit using glutathione/ ambrotose etc… but we’re talking about apples and oranges here. You can read the technical information at thanks for the comment

  4. Mark Says:

    thanks jon, I’ve really enjoyed this project and getting fast pain relief when I sit at my computer all day designing websites and producing and editing videos. here’s the site for more technical info.

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