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Find Your Niche by Simply Responding to the Need

Find Your Niche by Simply Responding to the Need

Successful business people learn fast that niches create riches. Finding that tribe or group of people that are looking for your product is important. But even more important is helping them find you. Why not get proactive and have there product waiting for them when they get there?

So how can you carve out our slice of the American pie in a cyber-world where thousands of advertisers and marketers are vying for attention? First of all it’s important that we NOT do what everyone else is doing. Identify a unique product or service that they’re already looking for and target your market with specific key words and search terms.

There are quite a few tools that assist you in automating the process of finding high ranking key words. What I mean by “high ranking” is key words and longer phrases referred to as “long tail key words” that will easily show up in Google on page one or two for the person searching.

The advantage of “long tail key words” is a phrase helps you to narrow your search to a specific niche or group of people. It’s too broad to just search for “shoes” when you really need a pair of “red converse tennis shoes.”

Savvy searchers get real specific about what they want to find. The question is: How do you know what they are searching for and wouldn’t it be great if there was a software that would do it for you? We’ll there are plenty of great SEO softwares that will improve your search engine rankings so those people can find you but Micro Niche Finder is my favorite. This program takes the guess work out and helps you identify those niches.

The point is this. If you are selling the product they are looking for and you want them to find you, you have to know exactly what they’re are typing into Google.

Why not find out what people want first and then respond by providing products and services that meet the need? Hmmm…. pretty good idea!

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