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Make Lot’s of Comments on Videos and Blogs

Make Lot’s of Comments on Videos and Blogs

The social networking community on the Internet is always hungry for news and views.  If you intend to build a fan base for your product or service, people have to know you exist.  One way is get noticed is to share your thoughts with an intent to create value for the readers.

Whether you agree or disagree with an article, go public with your views by  commenting on blogs and  videos on the web.

There’s an added benefit to being an avid reader and contributor.  Your comments with a link back to your site can create new traffic for you too.  By interacting and sharing your thoughts, you’re also boosting your SEO too.  Forums are also fantastic venues or sharing your ideas.

Here’s a word of caution.  The social networking community hates spamming and bloggers that are just promoting their stuff. Don’t use your comments as an opportunity to pitch your product or service.  Don’t comment and then close with a sales pitch. That’s a HUGE turn-off and a marketing taboo.

The key to success in any business venture is to create value through contribution.  Get creative and share your ideas with others.

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11 Responses to “Make Lot’s of Comments on Videos and Blogs”

  1. Beverly Monical Says:

    You are so right.Interaction is a good idea.I will do that more. Thanks!

  2. Mark Says:

    Thanks Beverly…. appreciate the comment so quickly! I am just getting this blog up and running a little more consistently and working out the bugs.

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  7. Mark Says:

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  8. Mark Says:

    This is a WordPress blog OnDemand Theme.

  9. Kristen Stewart Says:

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  11. Mark Says:

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