Search Engine Ranking using the Social Networking Community

Search Engine Ranking using the Social Networking Community

What is the Social Networking Community?  What is Internet Social Networking? It’s when people network and communicate online. We’ll that’s profound, Mark!  So what, people have been communicating for 1000′s of years — nothing new here.  The big difference is the Internet makes it  simple to make a lot of friends all over the world at breakneck speed.

How do you make friends?  The reality is, people love it when you complement them about their video or their blog.  Guess what there are powerful life-changing benefits when you make new friends online.  In addition, making friends by commenting and interacting  boosts your search engine rating.  No kidding!  If that seems self serving its not. You’re actually giving them higher search engine rankings too when you make comments.

Higher search engine rankings happen when you interact and populate the Internet with your comments and observations.  Comment about other blogger’s articles and videos and you will be rewarded with reciprocation.  The social network community thrives on interaction, so get out there and make some friends and share your comments.  It’s the old principle taught by tour old friend Zig: Help people get what they want and you’ll get what you want.  Give and it shall be given to you. Be sociable!

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